On Oct 8,8188 agency commission income announced

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On Oct 8, 8188 agent daily commission income!

Source of agent income: Invite your friend for free, no matter which country he is from, to participate in the 8188 game, every bet he makes, regardless of whether he wins or loses, as an agent, he can get a 1% reward!
8188 games:
1:It is not limited by country or race. As long as you can invite your friends, you can enjoy the benefits they bring to you, and they can also get a lot of wealth
2:It does not limit your gender, age, occupation, or when you play the game!
3:The game is completely fair, open and fair, and the funds are absolutely safe!
4:If you feel that your income is low and you are not satisfied with the status quo, now start to join 8188 agents and invite friends to bet on the game, then it will bring you amazing wealth

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